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For the following vehicles, rate your experience level.

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For the following Heavy Construction Equipment, rate your experience level.

Articulated Loader *

Backhoe *

Skid Steer *

Excavator *

Power Wheelbarrow *

For the following Surveying/Site layouts, rate your experience level.

Transit *

Water-Level *

GPS-Level *

For the following Welding Equipment, rate your experience level.

Arch *

Mig *

Tig *

Oxy-Acetylene *

For the following Power Equipment, rate your experience level.

Air Compressor *

Quick Cut (Brick Saw) *

Chainsaw *

Plate Compactor / Jumping Jack *

Auger *

Jack Hammer *

Stump Grinder / Brush Chipper *

Ride on Lawn Mower *

Lawn Mower & Trimmer *

For the following Hand Tools and Related Equipment, rate your experience level.

Table Saw *

Compound Miter Saw *

Grinder *

Circular Saw *

Hammer Drill *

Band Saw *

Cordless Drill *

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